AB13 11 Driver Injury at Customer Site

In Health and Safety / Alert Bulletins posted on 2nd October 2013

Driver Injury at Customer Site

What happened:

On 30th July 2013 the IP (driver) was delivering a steel coil to a customer site in Bonen, Germany. The driver was opening his trailer roof with a roof pole from inside the trailer as per the site requirements when the roof suddenly jammed. As the driver pushed to free the roof it suddenly gave way and as he fell on to the trailer bed his foot stayed in situ. The driver sustained a splinter fracture to his right foot which required surgery and will be off work for approximately 12 weeks.

The driver was wearing the correct PPE, was using a roof pole to open the roof and the curtains were closed, as per the site requirements.

Roof Defect


  • The trailer roof was opened and closed without problems, when loaded by the site shunter.
  • The trailer roof had been inspected by a trailer fitter within the last 4 weeks and opened and closed freely at the time of loading in the UK.
  • The roof jammed and when forced suddenly released causing the driver to lose his balance.


  • Robust defect reporting procedures must be in place and adhered to.
  • Regular roof inspections and maintenance programmes are vital to ensure all equipment is fit for purpose.
  • Drivers to check the trailer roof opens and closes freely after off loading and report any defects immediately.
  • Never use excessive force, defect any trailer with a roof that is difficult to open.

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