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Greece lightning expansion unveiled by P&O Ferrymasters

15th December 2009

Faster expansion into the Greek market is behind the latest in a series of agreements unveiled today by leading supply chain and logistics specialists, P&O Ferrymasters.

Under this commercial agency agreement, Global Maritime Agency SA, which operates from premises in Piraeus and Thessaloniki in Greece, will act as Ferrymasters’ official agent on the ground in Greece with authority to sell Ferrymasters’ intermodal product, further strengthening the company’s presence in that market.

The move follows Ferrymasters’ launch of a pioneering direct train service between the Benelux and Brindisi in southern Italy in May. This service runs three times a week and is aimed at cutting traditional delivery times to Greece by up to 48 hours. With a commercial stop in Novara in northwest Italy, P&O Ferrymasters can then dispatch containers to Pomezia (Rome) and Naples. From Brindisi, the equivalent of 100 containers per week are shipped on the daily overnight maritime crossing to Patras in Greece, which is operated by Endeavor Lines, under an agreement signed in September of this year, following a successful three-month trial. Concurrently, Ferrymasters has also put in place a road haulage and depot solution, run by Almatrans based in Aspropyrgos near Athens, covering the whole Greek market.

Wim Blomme, P&O Ferrymasters’ Intermodal Director, said: “Expansion into the Greek and, eventually, EastMed markets is a key strategic priority for P&O Ferrymasters. This new agreement allows us to fast-track our expansion into these areas with experienced on-the-ground operational and commercial representation. Our main focus is on promoting our intermodal services and the use of our 45’ reefer containers but we also plan to develop our presence in the surrounding EastMed countries in conjunction with our local shipping and road haulage ‘partners’.

“Our developing expansion into these areas also has big benefits for customers. We run our intermodal services using private rail operators, such as Crossrail, so there is less risk of business being affected by rail strikes. The services also cut transit times, offer all year round dedicated capacity and bigger maximum payloads. As a result customers will enjoy a better service and greater reliability whilst reducing their carbon footprint,” he added.

The P&O Ferrymasters Greek team/task force is now fully manned and ready for action: Almatrans International Transport SA was established in 1972, is fully privately owned and is one of the first Greek intermodal transport operators. The company’s depot at Aspropyrgos not only services P&O Ferrymasters but also a number of other European firms with its fleet of trucks, trailers, containers and caisses mobiles.

Endeavor Lines Maritime Co is the RoPax division of privately owned Endeavor Shipping which was established in 1975. Apart from a fleet of bulk carriers, the group presently operates three RoPax with a fourth due to enter service later this year.

Global Maritime Agency SA was established in 1986, is fully private-owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified. It also acts as the official agent for K-Line Pure Car Carrier & RoRo vessels in Greece.


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