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Agency deal signals growth synergy

29th March 2012

P&O Ferrymasters is set to expand its key Benelux-Finland business after signing an „exclusive‟ agency agreement with Greencarrier Freight Services in Finland, part of the Nordic region‟s largest independent global logistics group.

Agency deal signals growth synergyThe agreement starts from May 1 and covers a wide range of logistics and sales activities in one of the most important markets handled by the P&O Ferrymasters Amsterdam office. The service is fully maintained by some 80 trailers from the company‟s yellow fleet.

As operational partner, Greencarrier will offload and reload trailers on vessels calling in Finland. Sales activity will be shared with P&O Ferrymasters taking the lead in Benelux, Germany and northern France while Greencarrier takes full responsibility in Finland as the company‟s official agent.

In addition the companies expect to find further synergies between their respective operations. Greencarrier‟s network stretches from the Nordic and Baltic countries to China and is notably strong in eastern Europe, which is also a major market for P&O Ferrymasters.

“This is a joint initiative based on a relationship dating from 1989 with some of the senior management at Greencarrier, who left our current agent last year,” says Marcel Manshanden, P&O Ferrymasters general manager Amsterdam. “They have a proven track record of more than 25 years in the Finnish market and have earned our confidence during a 21-year relationship with our previous agent. We are confident of boosting our existing business through a partnership that, due to this long relationship, goes much deeper than a normal agency agreement.

“We have found a totally new and open approach at Greencarrier, both from the familiar faces and from the owners of the parent group. From our very first meeting, it‟s been clear that each of us is committed to teamwork as the driver of future growth.”

Greencarrier Freight Services managing director Jarmo Halonen adds: “P&O Ferrymasters is well known for its long term presence and high quality service in the Finnish market. I am convinced that with high motivation on both sides we can offer extremely competitive and flexible transport solutions to our customers in Finland and Benelux.”


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