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14th February 2019

In the event that no withdrawal agreement is approved, Britain will leave the EU under World Trade Organisation terms at 11pm on 29th March 2019 – the No Deal scenario.

BREXIT NEWSP&O Ferrymasters will continue to move your cargo across the North and Irish seas and have been working on solutions to allow this to be as smooth as possible in the future.

It is possible that some routes will become congested and we will monitor this and make adjustments to the routes that we use. We will discuss these adjustments with you particularly if costs are incurred.

We ship trailers and containers on an unaccompanied basis and will not need permits to do this. We do move equipment to and from Europe on an accompanied basis, the same truck collects and delivers the load, these vehicles will need permits in the future, but currently we believe for a period of time their will be a waiver on the needs for these permits. This could change at short notice.

It is possible from the 29th March that declarations will have to be made to customs in the sending country and the receiving country. In addition if the goods from the UK are traveling inland in the EU or using the UK as a landbridge to/from Ireland then a transit declaration will have to be completed to allow this to happen.

We are actively speaking to customs brokers in Ireland and Europe to assist in the production of customs declarations.

We have purchased software that allows us to put declarations into customs in the UK. To help us we have engaged third parties that can assist us with this process.

We expect that our customers should enhance their systems or procedures so that that are prepared to send us more detail regarding their loads than they do at present. This means that we need to know details of the exporter, the importer, and split down by customs tariff code the goods description, the package type and count, the weight (net/gross) and the value. The information needs to be accurate and should be based on what is dispatched not what is predicted to be.

As the UK will also no longer be an EU state then security declaration will have to be produced to allow shipment of your goods.

We understand that some customers will be producing their own declarations, please let us know if this is the case, but please remember that we still need to collect accurate information relating to your goods so that we can make sure that our information agrees with the details of the load. This information will be used for any security declaration that is required.

As long as there are goods and people travelling between the UK and Europe, P&O Ferries and P&O Ferrymasters will continue to provide a comprehensive ferry and logistics service to and from the continent. We have been engaging closely with the authorities on both sides and they have given us to understand that they are fully aware of the economic and commercial importance of the free flow of traffic across their borders. We expect them to act to mitigate the impact of any reintroduced customs and sanitary controls so that our customers can continue to rely on our services for the import and export of vital goods.

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