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Introducing Hugo - Our Logistics Solutions and Design Manager

Daisy Smeets

Meet Hugo

Working in logistics engineering, Hugo’s role is primarily to design data-driven tailor-made supply chain solutions. Doing so requires collaboration with our valued customers. “Working close to the customer, I have the freedom to design the optimum solution, which makes my work great.”

However, as with any member of P&O Ferrymasters, Hugo is part of a dynamic group of people. “The team I’m part of is responsible for winning new business,” he explains. “It’s a combination of business development and solutions design managers. We all have various backgrounds which makes it a very interesting, international team.”

What’s key for Hugo is how that team works within the wider picture. “I’m most proud of the quick integration in the POFM organisation. A good connection with several departments in the company is key to make a reliable solution for our customers.”

What's great about working for P&O Ferrymasters?

Speaking to Hugo, it’s clear that his favourite thing about P&O Ferrymasters is working with our diverse clients. “We work with some really exciting customers. To have the opportunity to meet so many of them and see a part of their business makes my work very interesting.”

So much so, in fact, that his perfect day at work comprises meeting a potential customer in the morning and taking a “deep dive” into their supply chain. Then spending the afternoon working out the concept and visualising it with Tableau – our analytical software.

He knew he’d made the right decision to join our team as soon as the first week on the job. “I went on a trip to meet potential customers and worked on the first proposals. The cooperation between colleagues was very open and the project was even more exciting than expected.”

Driving logistics forward

However, at P&O Ferrymasters, we don’t simply want to find and hire the best in the business. We want them to become key members of our family for the long term, as we grow and move forward together. A crucial element of this is understanding the crucial role they play, which Hugo certainly does.

POFM has a clear strategy to develop and grow their business in the coming years. My role is clearly linked to the strategy. To achieve our strategy and growth plans we need to win new business.”

On top of that, it’s paramount that we provide the right opportunities to progress and develop. “Like all other jobs, it’s up to you to make it a success,” says Hugo. “POFM offers all possibilities to develop yourself in the field of logistics. That’s made possible by the wide range of services they offer for a relatively flat company – a unique thing about POFM.”



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At P&O Ferrymasters, we rely on outstanding people to drive logistics forward. That’s why we employ the best in the business and give them opportunities to become even better.