Working with Tata Steel

  • Find out how we help one of Europe’s largest steel producers
  • 85,000 loads moved annually with specialist equipment
Tata Steel's IJmuiden Plant

A collaborative partnership with European leaders

As one of Europe’s largest steel producers, operating in 26 countries, Tata Steel prides itself on collaborative relationships that drive services forward. Nowhere is this more apparent than the partnership with P&O Ferrymasters. Working with Tata Steel since 2001, P&O Ferrymasters has become one of the leading suppliers of steel carrying equipment with around 85,000 loads moved each year.

Logistics management

Our Contract Logistics team handles the procurement of road transport and 4PL operations including support from our own robust Trailer Division. We manage all outbound road dispatches from Ijmuiden and ancillary sites, along with all UK export road dispatches from multiple locations and even provide on-site trailer shunt services. That’s backed by a centralised control tower in Ijmuiden and remote on-site personnel across the UK.

Maximising efficiency

To maximise efficiency for Tata Steel, we’ve invested in specialist equipment such as coil-carrying trailers and huckepack trailers. Our in-house developed TMS enables no touch order processing, carrier communications via our portal as well as track and trace. We also undertake specialist carrier management to increase capacity, stay ahead of market developments and identify alternative routes to market such as intermodal. That includes carrier meet and greet services for effective driver management, plus a multi-skilled team focused on service excellence, load build and operations.

Health and safety

As a company that manufactures, processes and distributes steel products, health and safety is paramount for Tata Steel. This aligns completely with our approach at P&O Ferrymasters. We take a proactive approach to health and safety management and responsibility, to maintain the highest standards on their behalf. That includes a dedicated Health & Safety team with the goal of zero harm across the board.

Strategic approach

Meeting the collection and delivery requirements of Tata Steel’s diverse client base is no mean feat. That’s why we have taken a proactive approach to service and solution design as well as strategic account management, with a collaborative focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

A key part of this is providing innovative data visualisation and business intelligence tools. That’s paired with state-of-the-art track and trace technology, integrated for all load movements to provide visibility and transparency being rolled out across the board.

How Tata Steel benefits

Working with P&O Ferrymasters, Tata Steel has access to a global logistics organisation. They benefit from shared transport expertise with an array of bespoke logistics services.

  • Single point of contact for road movements
  • Standardised processes and procedures across all activities
  • Collaboration on Health & Safety requirements
  • Increased synergies maximising trailer use and road transport capacity
  • Diverse modal options
  • Effective cost management with competitive pricing
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