Our chemicals expertise

Leading chemical companies worldwide choose P&O Ferrymasters to transport their products around Europe, because we go above and beyond at every step. Our experts are trained to the highest standards in the transportation of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. They’re dedicated to safety, security and environmental awareness for every full load or groupage shipment. Crucially, continuous training is prioritised to ensure we always operate at the highest level.

Secure transportation of hazardous chemicals

Only experts should handle specialist jobs. With P&O Ferrymasters, you can get exactly that for your chemical supply chain. We’re well-versed in the transportation of hazardous substances, including customs, security and insurance, with a network of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors across Europe. On top of that, our key operational locations are independently assessed under the European Chemical Industry Council's Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) programme.

Our chemical industry expertise enables specialist consulting and management for chemical transport, while our geographic reach, technology and tailored approach allow us to deliver flexible solutions that simplify and synchronise supply chains. That’s paired with innovative IT systems throughout transportation and distribution, providing full visibility for your chemical transportation.

How you’ll benefit

Don’t compromise with your industrial transport. P&O Ferrymasters optimise supply chain operations with tried-and-tested industrial logistics solutions across Europe.

  • Cutting-edge equipment for chemical transport
  • Intermodal and containerised transport solutions
  • Dedicated health and safety teams
  • Performance reports with single point of contact
  • Real-time visibility with track-and-trace capability 24/7 operation with regular departures
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Logistics Services

Complete logistics solutions, driven by state-of-the-art IT systems, first-rate equipment, and invaluable expertise.

Multimodal Services

Multimodal logistics services from door-to-door or port-to-port, combining sea, rail, and road.

Most Extensive Multimodal Transport Network in Europe


Chemical experts

Don’t take risks with the transportation of hazardous materials, chemicals and other substances. Speak to P&O Ferrymasters’ expert team to discover the best solution for transporting your chemicals.
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