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To gain a real competitive advantage, you need a supply chain that’s completely tailored to your requirements. Not only that, but one that has the most effective solutions across the board in terms of costs and meeting customer demand. That’s exactly what our logistics consulting services provide. At P&O Ferrymasters, we combine local market expertise, extensive carrier knowledge and specific sector experience.

Using our tried and tested logistics consulting process, our experienced consultants can quickly understand the needs of your organisation, determine your requirements and find the most practical, effective solutions driven by robust data. That starts with data cleansing, analysis, modelling and mapping to visualise your current supply chain and create a clear baseline.

We’ll then work on multiple scenarios, fully assessed for timing, availability, costs and environmental footprint. Everything is mapped and visualised for your team, including means and method, and consolidation opportunities. Finally, we can manage the tendering process to hand-pick the best solutions and even assist with warehouse engineering.

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Logistics Solutions

Our logistics consultants have a vast array of supply chain solutions at their disposal. Whether it’s one service or several, we can create a bespoke, seamless solution.

How you’ll benefit

Our logistics consultancy services cover all bases to give you a clear fact-based picture of the best solutions for your needs.

  • Fully data-driven logistics consulting, from cleansing, analysis and modelling to mapping, centre of gravity analysis, costing and baseline creation
  • Consolidation analysis, including hub-and-spoke, cross-docking, multi-drop design, milk run, roundtrip opportunities and triangular traffic
  • Warehousing consultants cover everything from layout, design and racking configuration to productivity management and baseline costs
  • Consultancy on health, safety and environment, including site visits, health and safety audits and environmental impact such as emissions
  • Innovative dashboarding, visualising your current supply chain as well as future developments and scenarios
  • Multiple round tendering, including RFQ, quotation analysis, participant meetings and quality procedures
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