As one of the leading transportation operators in Europe, we recognize our environmental responsibilities and are committed to contributing to reducing local, national, and international emissions. Our core commitment is to convert intra-European transportation into multimodal solutions while simultaneously identifying alternative fuel types and transport optimization tools across all modes.
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“Multimodal transport solutions are a key lever to decarbonize supply chains. Our customers make conscious efforts to lower their emissions, and we’re here to support their climate ambitions”.

Timm Niebergall, CEO

Vessels and trains emit far less carbon per ton/km compared with trucks, meaning that expanded use of multimodal transport can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of transportation. 

Vessels and trains are not the best modes for every move. Still, by choosing a multimodal solution, vessels and trains can be used for long hauls, ensuring that most of the voyage is conducted with as low an environmental footprint as possible. Meanwhile, road freight enables you to reach rural areas. 

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Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme

Improving efficiency, reducing CO2

We always comply with national and international requirements. But we also have our own targets for improving fuel efficiency, reducing CO2, and moving to greener practices.

Gold rating for CSR

P&O Ferrymasters has received a Gold rating from Ecovadis based on four key areas of Corporate Social Responsibility – environment, fair labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Sustainability for your organisation

Every business is unique, all with different environmental challenges. Our strength lies in our experience of developing flexible solutions that will help you to contribute to social goals as well as giving you a powerful competitive advantage.

Green transport

Through a combination of experience, resources, and innovation, we deliver green transport solutions that contribute to your environmental and social responsibility and provide a powerful competitive advantage.

  • Combining the most sustainable modes
  • Co-founder of Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme 
  • Gold rated by Ecovadis
  • Dedicated environmental manager
  • Nationally & internationally compliant
  • Internal environmental targets
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Our dedicated environmental project manager is on hand to help you go green. Get in touch to identify areas for improvement, define policy and implement eco-friendly solutions.
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