P&O Ferrymasters and Unifeeder Shortsea unite under one brand and form the new P&O Ferrymasters

Agreement-based joint venture made by P&O Ferrymasters Ltd and Unifeeder Shortsea

We are delighted to inform you that our owner DP World will combine its two multimodal operators in Europe, P&O Ferrymasters Ltd. and Unifeeder Shortsea - a business unit of Unifeeder A/S -  with immediate effect and in form of an agreement-based joint venture.

By joining forces of the two leading intra-European multimodal specialists, DP World will establish a single brand standing for unique intra-European multimodal transportation and logistics services: P&O Ferrymasters.

This joint trade name will stand for the combined strengths of P&O Ferrymasters Ltd and Unifeeder Shortsea. The new agreement-based joint venture will enable P&O Ferrymasters to offer a much wider and even more attractive value proposition to its customers. 

P&O Ferrymasters will in the future offer four premium multimodal products to its customers: Intra-European multimodal transportation solutions via Trailer, Container, and Rail, complemented by a set of strong supportive Logistics Solutions

The agreement-based joint venture will enable our valued customers to benefit from the widened outreach and network, as well as direct access to a full range one-stop shop for multimodal supply chain services in Europe. For our vendors, who are key for us to deliver premium multimodal transportation and logistics services, the agreement-based joint venture will open opportunities for an even closer collaboration. All present agreements with P&O Ferrymasters and Unifeeder Shortsea will of course be honored and remain in place. 

Going forward, P&O Ferrymasters will be the partner for any new contracts.

logistics - trucks leave boat
Multiple modalities

Brings multiple solutions

By combining the equipment fleets of Unifeeder Shortsea and P&O Ferrymasters, the rail network of P&O Ferrymasters, as well as having access to the marine network of Unifeeder and P&O Ferries, the new P&O Ferrymasters will offer a unique catalog of modes and equipment to serve customers in different industries.
Different distribution channels

Multimodal and Logistics solutions

The 2PL (second party logistics) team will focus on asset-based transportation solutions on the basis of the parental marine networks of P& Ferries and Unifeeder. The 3PL/4PL team will offer solutions and value-added services with relevance for the asset activities and customers.
Wide geographic outreach

Network based on different modalities

Combining the networks of P&O Ferries and Unifeeder, the new P&O Ferrymasters will offer an unrivaled pan-European network to serve customers across different regions and geographies.

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