Reefer trailers

Inside a reefer trailer

About our reefer trailers

Our vast network of reefer trailers provides fully integrated temperature-controlled transport across Europe. With GPS tracking and energy-saving technology, our reefers provide complete peace of mind, keeping your goods at the exact temperature required.
  Length  Width  Height 
 Overall  13.5m  2.6m  4m
 Internal  13.3m  2.46m  2.65m

Weight and capacity
Tare   Design gross weight  Capacity
8,600kg  39,000kg
33 Euro pallets
26 UK pallets 


Most Extensive Multimodal Transport Network in Europe


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Don’t take chances with the temperature of your goods. Our state-of-the-art equipment will make sure cargo stays chilled or frozen from door to door. Find out more from our expert team.
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